The Many Bennies of Blending

The Many Bennies of Blending

If you’ve been following my recipe videos on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed a pretty common
kitchen tool hanging out on the countertop: my high-speed blender! Hands-down, it’s my #1 go-to
kitchen appliance that I use more than any other. It’s the best investment you can make if you want
to prepare quick, easy, nutrient-rich foods that you can grab on-the-go or wow your friends at the
next potluck or dinner party. Once you get a serious high-speed blender, you’ll wonder how you
ever survived without one.

The Blender that Rules My Kitchen
BlendTec makes my favorite high-speed blenders. I’ve been using them since I graduated from
the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. They offer the best combination of power, quality, long
warranty coverage and the most innovative blending technology. Their latest model, the Designer
Series, features a digital touch screen like an iPhone. It has some pretty awesome attributes that can
turn a novice chef into a groovy gourmand in seconds. Not to mention it looks really sexy chillin’ on
your countertop. A sleek superfood starship, if you will.

Basic Benefits of Blending
Blending your food is an easy way to combine all the ingredients together, while keeping all the
fiber, pulp and most of the nutrients intact. Good amounts of soluble fiber are a healthy addition to
your lifestyle and can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes, according to
Another benefit of blending (over juicing), notes, is that there is a slower rate of sugar
absorption, which benefits blood sugar levels.

Cleansing and Detoxing
For people on a cleansing or detox protocol, blending foods is an easy way to get maximum
nutrition while easing the stress on your digestive system. One of the best things you can do on a
cleanse is to have blended foods, because you’re getting all the benefits of the nutrients, enzymes
and fiber while allowing the toxins to move out and your digestive system to get the much-needed
break it deserves. Blended foods also help to prepare the body and digestive tract for enemas or
colonic hydrotherapy.

Radical Recipe Creation
There’s another HUGE benefit to having a high-speed blender in your kitchen: the radical new
recipes you can start to play with! By investing in a high-speed blender, you can begin to explore
a new world of culinary magic, including instant soups, smoothies, tonics, elixirs, puddings, pie
fillings, guacamole, nut butters, hummus, dips, parfaits, pates and countless other healthy recipes.
It also makes food preparation easier and more fun in the kitchen – two things that are critical to
sustain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Quick & Easy Meal Preparation
There’s no doubt we are all leading busier, more hectic and more demanding lives these days. This
is one of the biggest challenges of making good, healthy food for you and your family. Having a high-

speed blender allows you to whip up a nourishing smoothie or delicious soup in just minutes. You
don’t have to stress about meal planning or spending 45 minutes slaving in the kitchen to pump
out a good meal. It’s the ultimate time saver (and life saver!) Also, cleaning your blender is easy –
as long as you do it immediately after your use it. It literally takes seconds to rinse and clean your
blender mug.

Maximum Nutrition & Enzymes
Blending your food helps to break down the fibrous cell walls in certain foods, thereby unlocking
the maximum nutrients AND making it easier to digest. By having more assimilable nutrients
available in your food, plus all the healthy enzymes, vitamins and minerals, blended foods can help
you lose weight, have more mental clarity and cultivate boundless energy.
Plus, getting your vitamins naturally through blended whole plant-based foods is far more efficient
and easier for the body to process. By breaking the cell walls, you release maximal nutrition that
may have gone through your system without getting the full benefits. Blending your food has the
health benefit of avoiding the nutrient destroying process of cooking. Clean, thoughtfully prepared
organic cooked foods are fantastic for most constitutions and it’s important to balance them with
fresh, raw vegan plant foods for optimal balance.

Full of Fantastic Fiber
The myriad benefits of more fiber in your diet are well documented in numerous research studies.
Good amounts of fiber can result in weight loss and relief from constipation and other digestive
issues. Fiber is also believed to help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gall stones and kidney

Mo’ Greens, Please
Most people could see dramatic improvements in their diet by eating more fresh, raw, organic
greens. They are loaded with tons of nutritional benefits and they’re super low in calories. And
there are a ton of great choices, including kale, collard greens, beet greens, dandelion, mustard,
turnip, arugula, spinach and watercress. Many of these green can be extremely bitter. You can cook
the greens to make them taste better, but then you lose some of critical nutrients in their raw state.
So how do get those bitter greens down while they’re still raw? Blend them with some organic,
raw or frozen fruit. It’s amazing how you can mask the taste of raw, bitter greens in a superfood
smoothie or raw soup. And not only do greens blended with fruit (green smoothies) taste great, but
they’re extremely easy to eat and loaded with powerful nutrients and enzymes.

Investment in your Future
From conference attendees to personal clients, I’ve heard a few people balk at the price of a high-
speed blender. Yet, I haven’t found one single kitchen tool that can support your health, weight-loss
and sustained energy levels while making it more fun, easy and exciting to make your own food at
home. For a few hundred dollars – you can have a terrific new kitchen tool that will potentially last
for decades and can literally help change your life for the better!

For more info on my favorite blender, check out BlendTec Blenders.